About SILVER IMAGE Photo Agency

Florida's SILVER IMAGE® Photo Agency was launched in 1987 to connect photojournalists with editors, art directors and individuals with photography needs in the Sunshine State.  We specialize in:

• Unique Florida editorial stock (travel, nature, news, people and quirky Florida)

• Corporate & editorial assignments by Florida-based photographers (worldwide)

• Lifestyle wedding photography (worldwide)

Please contact Carla Hotvedt if you're looking for something and it's not online here. She can set up a gallery for you on just about any Florida subject, as well as coordinate your assignments or help plan your wedding photography.

Photo credits include most major news magazines worldwide, network and cable television shows, documentaries, textbooks, travel guides, advertising and rebranding campaigns, calendars and more. This site is a sampler of our extensive 30-plus years of stock images.

SILVER IMAGE® Photo Agency is the go-to source for personal and prompt service, as well as images that simply aren't available anywhere else. 

Carla Hotvedt | Director | 352.373-5771 (EST/Florida) | silverimagephotoagency@gmail.com