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Two British tourists were killed in Sarasota, Florida, in April 2011, sparking memories of a similar 1993 incident involving British tourists and a 16-year-old killer that lead to canceled Florida vacations and heightened security and law enforcement at rest stops throughout the state at that time. That year there were many such attacks on foreign tourists in Florida. Here victim Margaret Jagger gets into a Florida police car in 1993. Her traveling companion was murdered by juvenile Billy Joe Crumitie, 16 at the time of the crimes, who was charged two years after the murder, sentenced to life for the killing of Garry Colley with a 15-year sentence for the attempted second-degree murder of Margaret Jagger. BBC News 1993: UK tourist shot dead in Florida and his girlfriend injured during an attempted mugging at an interstate highway rest stop. Gary Colley, 34, was the ninth foreign tourist to be killed in the state since autumn 1992 and the second this week, September 1993. The driver and his partner, Margaret Jagger, both from Wilsden, West Yorkshire, were shot at on a highway 25 miles from Tallahassee after being threatened by a gang of youths. Jagger was taken to a hospital in the state capital where she received stitches for bullet grazes. The couple were half way through their two-week holiday and were traveling from Orleans, Louisiana, to Tampa, Florida, when they decided to rest. They had gone to sleep in their rental car and were woken in the early hours of the morning by a tapping on the window. A witness told police he saw three black youths, aged about 16, drive by. Two of them approached the pair's vehicle to demand money and the shooting began seconds later. Adverse publicity generated by the attacks on foreign holidaymakers in Florida caused tourist revenue to drop by 20% in 1993.                                       .CONTACT Carla Hotvedt at SILVER IMAGE® Photo Agency and Weddings 352.373-5771 or