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Sarasota, Florida -- Patricia Rudolph, 75, mother of convicted killer Eric Rudolph, is pictured with her journal in Sarasota, Florida, on Sunday, June 1st,  2003. In an August 22, 2005 interview with CNN, Pat Rudolph said her son's confession to a string of bombings across the Southeast was "quite a shock," but that she still loves him and will continue to do so "no matter what happens."  She said, "I think each man is destined in life to fulfill whatever he's called to do, and some people, unfortunately, are on the dark side. I don't see him as a monster. I don't think I could," she said. Eric Rudolph was sentenced to life without parole for bombings at the 1996 Olympic Games, a women's clinic that performed abortions and a lesbian nightclub. The blasts killed one woman and wounded more than 100 others. He had earlier received life sentences for a 1998 bombing at a Birmingham, Alabama, women's clinic where abortions were performed, in which a security guard was killed and a nurse severely injured. He confessed to all four bombings. In April, Rudolph revealed his motives for the first time, blaming his attacks on the legalization of abortion and "aberrant sexual behavior." Until his arrest, the survivalist and former Army member eluded authorities and was on the FBI's Most Wanted List. ..CONTACT Carla Hotvedt at SILVER IMAGE® Photo Agency and Weddings 352.373-5771 or