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A Florida Black Bear rests near the top of a large oak tree at the back of Sullivan Cadillac just off State Road 200 in Ocala, Fla. on May 10, 2012. The bear was first noticed at 10:30 a.m. and, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biologist Susan Carroll-Douglas, the young male might weigh in at 250 pounds, or more. Douglas-Carroll also said that it wasn't clear if the bear was the same bear which visited the area nearby at Steak 'N Shake and Gators Dockside last year. The FFWC left the bear alone to allow it to climb down and return to the woods. Under a plan approved by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in June 2012, Florida black bears are no longer listed as a threatened species, ending decades-old protections for the subspecies of the American black bear...CONTACT Carla Hotvedt at SILVER IMAGE Photo Agency and Weddings 352.373-5771 or