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Gainesville, Florida, April 3, 2011 -- While Afghans rioted for a second day Saturday April 2, 2011, KANDAHAR, Afghanistan, protesting the burning of a Quran in Gainesville, Florida, killing nine people in Kandahar and injuring more than 80 in a wave of violence that underscored rising anti-foreign sentiment after nearly a decade of war, the center of the controversial March 20, 2011 incident is quiet on a sunny day in North Central Florida.  Dove World and its pastor Terry Jones deny responsibility for violence over Quran burning, which occurred in an unpublicized event that put the Muslims holy book on trial.  .    .The desecration at the Dove World Outreach Center has outraged Muslims worldwide, and in Afghanistan it further strained ties with the West. On Friday, April 1, 2011, 11 people were killed, including seven foreign U.N. employees, in a protest in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif...The protests come at a critical juncture as the U.S.-led coalition gears up for an insurgent spring offensive and a summer withdrawal of some troops, and with Afghanistan's mercurial president increasingly questioning international motives and NATO's military strategy.  The Dove Outreach Center church was the center of worldwide media attention in September  2010 when the congregation threatened to burn the Quran.  After much international, national and local backlash and protests from the Gainesville community, the burning did not occur at that time..CONTACT Carla Hotvedt at SILVER IMAGE® Photo Agency and Weddings 352.373-5771 or