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Sumter County Florida Sheriff's Deputy J. Guzman keeps an eye on an 11-foot alligator as it walks along the fence line near a retention pond in The Villages. The gator entertained several dozen residents for about an hour as he snacked on Florida wildlife and attempted to find his way back into the pond along Morse Boulevard in The Villages, Florida. The creature walked up and down the fence line at the pond's edge not realizing it could escape under it at any time. Trapper Johnny Douglas arrived after the gator had escaped and said he was going to return to put out baited hooks to trap the gator and then kill it, as it had demonstrated it no longer fears humans. No residents or pets were harmed during the gator's outing. Alligators are a tourist attraction in The Villages..                         .CONTACT Carla Hotvedt at SILVER IMAGE® Photo Agency and Weddings 352.373-5771 or