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Famed attorney F. Lee Bailey, handcuffed and wearing leg irons, is led out of the federal courthouse in Tallahasee, Florida, on March 6, 1996. Bailey was sentenced to up to six months in jail after failing to produce $25 million in stock from an international drug dealer he had represented. In 2001 he was disbarred in the state of Florida, with reciprocal disbarment in Massachusetts on April 11, 2003. The Florida disbarment was the result of his handling of stock in the DuBoc marijuana case. Bailey was found guilty of 7 counts of attorney misconduct by the Florida Supreme Court. Bailey had transferred a large portion of Claude DuBoc's assets into his own accounts, using the interest gained on those assets to pay for personal expenses. In March 2005, Bailey filed to regain his law license in Massachusetts but failed, remaining disbarred. (source: Carla Hotvedt at SILVER IMAGE Photo Agency and Weddings 352.373-5771 or