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GEORGIA "FLAG FLAP", January 19, 1993 -- Atlanta, Georgia --  A group representing the Sons of Confederate Veterans hold their Confederate and Georgia flags aloft on the Capitol steps, across from Georgia State University student Tim Ryan (left). Ryan is displaying a handmade anti-Confederate sign which read on one side: "In 1865, the South FELL. WHY DOES GEORGIA USE THE SYMBOL (FLAG) THAT REPRESENTS RACISM AND SEGREGATION". Police would not allow Ryan on the Capitol grounds since he had not asked for a parade permit. The group was marching in observance of Robert E. Lee's birthday, as well as voicing their opinion to not change the current state flag.In the 1990s in the spiritual capital of the New South, the Georgia state flag became the center of controversy and a symbol of the old Confederacy, representing Southern heritage to some and slavery to others. Efforts were underway to change the flag and a political brouhaha was bringing attention to Atlanta as it planned the 1996 Olympics there. In 1992, Gov. Zell Miller's proposal to rid the state flag of the Confederate symbol, which was added in 1956 during the height of white resistance to desegregation, erupted into bitter arguments, protests, marches and more. The group leading the fight to save the flag was the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. When the state legislature refused to pass any flag-modifying legislation, the matter was dropped after the 1993 legislative session. Many Atlanta residents and some Georgia politicians refused to fly the 1956 flag and flew the pre-1956 flag instead. Governor Miller later apologized for his attempt at changing the flag. In 2002, Sonny Perdue was elected Governor of Georgia, partially on a platform of allowing Georgians to choose their own flag in a state referendum. He authorized the Georgia legislature to draft a new flag in 2003...CONTACT Carla Hotvedt at SILVER IMAGE® Photo Agency and Weddings 352.373-5771 or