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In September 1993, British tourist Gary Colley, 34, was murdered during a robbery attempt at an Interstate 10 rest stop about 35 miles east of Tallahassee, Florida.  Heightened security at interstate rest stops, canceled travels to Florida and more law enforcement vigilance ensued, as well as a 20% drop in tourism dollars. By the fall of 1993, nine foreign visitors had been murdered in unrelated incidents, others were injured and many were indicted for their deaths. Billy Joe Crumitie was a teenager convicted in Colley's death. Colley's traveling companion, Margaret Jagger, was also injured in the attack. Here a Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) officer examines the rest stop crime scene where glass remains in the parking lot...CONTACT Carla Hotvedt at SILVER IMAGE® Photo Agency and Weddings 352.373-5771 or